The Stokey – Made in Sud,
has a unique secret patio-garden area,
perfect place to share with your friends and family a great and an authentic southern italian atmosphere,
our daily menu is selected rigorously from our chefs using traditional southern italian cooking way
with a little more fantasy than you should aspect in East London,
our team would like to offer only prime selected meat from our local butcher and using only fresh organic products.
Made is Sud born with an undying passion for quality food and a relentless desire to curate a new drinking and dining hotspot The Stokey was born.  We pride ourselves on supporting the local community, carefully selecting our seasonal produce from local suppliers Newington Green Fruit & Veg, and Meat N16 Butcher & Delicatessen, to name but a few.  Our commitment to supporting small businesses extends further to our vast craft beer selection, ranging from Holloway’s Umbrella Brewery’s Ginger Beer to Magic Rock’s Grapefruit Pale Ale from the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield.  We also offer a selection of hand crafted cocktails, all of which can be enjoyed in our beautiful Secret Garden, a space of calm and solace away from the busy street.